Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I am locked in my bathroom using my $50 shampoo for bubble bath and drinking a bottle, yes I'm in here with the whole damn bottle, of wine. Before you Judge me, call DHS, or commit me, please know that I know Jesus and I talk to God. It's one of those nights where my two year old is driving me absolutely batcrap crazy. From the second we got home her smart mouth has been nonstop. "Mommy I hungry, mommy I want some more, mommy I need to go peepee, mommy don't take a nap, mommy put down you milk, mommy mommy mommy mommy mommy". First of all, we are nearing the end of the two week period where I have been solely responsible for this little spit fire (her father works in the gulf and is home two, off two). Second of all, all of my calories (the few non liquor ones) have been busy preparing my uterus to painfully shed its lining and getting my brain ready for that monthly manic-depressive bipolar week, and third of all I keep forgetting to pick up my crazy pills. Yes other mothers, the ones that are astounded that I can single parent a child and still remember where I work, that's how I do it. I am medicated... Well, not this week.

I have also watched approx. 18485929194858391395959302 episodes of Bubble Guppies this week. And yes, my child watches tv. Why? Because its a great baby sitter and that is the only way my house isn't on The Worst of Hoarders, though sometimes it can be an honorable mention.

So blogger world, the three of you that read this, I am back. I took a social media hiatus, which was awesome, and somehow none of my old posts are showing up. But whatever. But now I have to relinquish my somewhat less than luxurious bath to go inquire as to why I hear random bangs and giggles.

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