Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DDG, Sniffles, and Court.

Jordan and I worked a tails off trying to sort, organize, hang, label, price, ect., our clothes for Duck Duck Goose... And we didn't put a dent in it. I'm hoping this mess sells so Santa can hook The Mess up with a pretty sweet bike for Christmas. 

And I knew we couldn't make it a whole month without a sick day. I picked up Mess and she was sniffling and coughing, and oh how I would love to stay home with this child tomorrow, but I have four dockets worth of Court. Now, I can't talk much about my job because of confidentiality rules, but I LOATHE Court days. Too much stress and too much hurry up and wait. So instead of snuggling my snot ridden baby, I will ship her to a set of grandparents so I can go listen to why people can't pay their fines, but can't pass a drug test. 

Speaking of a snot ridden baby, she has whined more in the last thirty minutes than she ever did as a newborn, and her poor brain is having such a hard time putting her thoughts and sleepiness into two year old words so she's just crying these pitiful cough filled cries and won't let me do anything for her. 

But I hope the rest of you are having a spectacular week.