Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Millie's Story

Millie on the night we got her

Macy had been asking me for a dog for months. Two years ago, a neighbor gave us a little Chiuaua mix that we named Lola. Lola was such a sweet puppy. Macy was about 15 months old at the time so she was kind of rough with her, but they were cute together.

Macy and Lola
Macy’s dad was home that weekend and told me that Macy didn’t need a dog and convinced me to give Lola to one of his friends. I was pretty upset about that, but realized that the time probably wasn’t right and Lola probably wasn’t the dog for us. About a year ago, a friend of mine told me about some labs at the pound. I was interested, but I didn’t have a fence. I humored her by going to look at them. Macy immediately fell in love with the mangy one. I explained to my friend that I wasn’t able to care for a lab and didn’t have a fence. Well the friend bought the lab for Macy anyways, but she keeps Belle at her house (thank you, Jesus).

Well in August of last year, Macy started asking for a puppy named Millie Measure (from Team Umizoomi) and telling me she really needed a dog. I rolled my eyes and thought another person to clean up after is the last thing I need right now… But I couldn’t get the thought of a dog off of my mind. I’m a dog person. I always had labs growing up and there’s no love equal to the unconditional love of a dog. I took Macy to the local pound and animal shelters, sure there were plenty of dogs there, but they just weren’t for us. I began to look on Facebook swapshops, but still couldn’t find the right dog. This went on for three months.

I was on break at work one day and looking at swapshop on my phone when I saw her. Before I even read anything about her, where she was located, or how much the fee was, I knew that was our dog. I can’t explain – other than my heart told me that this was our dog and we would be her furever home. I quickly realized that they person getting rid of her was an old coworker of mine. I sent her a message and asked if we could come look at the dog. That afternoon after I got Macy from school, we went out and looked at the dog.  They told me her name was Lilly and that she was about 6 months old. She was super hyper and super sweet. Macy was terrified of her at first, but got over it after a few minutes and told me that was her puppy… and boy is it ever!!

Millie's first week at the house

When we got home, she sniffed everything out and instantly became Macy’s dog. I couldn’t’ve asked for a better dog. She doesn’t bark, was already pretty much house trained, and was soooo good with Macy.

Over the last few months, we have really grown to love Millie more than we ever thought possible. Every night she snuggles up with Macy and gives her shuggies. Millie is Macy’s best friend – I know she would be devastated if anything happened to her Millie Measure.
Macy and Millie in Millie's chickle. Macy couldn't say kennel up, she said "chickle"... So now, Millie know when we tell her to chickle up, she runs to her crate.

Millie definitely takes a lot of abuse.

But her and Macy are inseparable. The first thing Macy does when gets home is runs for Millie.

Millie doesn't mind, though. She just likes to chill on a pile of blankets.

These two never fail to make my heart melt. I love my babies (even the furry one) oh, so much!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I can count the number of days I didn't take a picture of Macy on my hands. I have THOUSANDS of pictures of her - but 90% of them have been taken with my iPhone. A few weeks ago, I entered a contest on Facebook. Like and share the page and get a free mini-session with five edited pictures on a disk.. I've never won a free coke, let alone something this awesome. We had our shoot Sunday and I am in love!! Carrie Nichols did a fabulous job and I can't wait to book a fall session with her!! She suggested HSU, which was cool since that's where I got my degree, and then I suggested the Courthouse since that's where I've worked all of my adult life. Macy was being a brat that day, but Carrie still managed to get some ah-mazing shots.

This one is probably my favorite

LOVE - I will probably have this one printed on a canvas and hang it in the living room. I also have some old window panes that's I've been looking to use, so I might put this one in there.

She was not cooperating at Henderson and clung to me like glue, this is the best we got.

She was still pretty clingy and kept saying that she was cold, but this is also one of my favs.

I love her kisses! I don't get them very much.

I really think the ones from the Courthouse are special. 

Annnnnd of course, the classic Macy face. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Let me preface this by saying this post is a complete contradiction of my last frugal post, but I do like to take a wee bit of my tax return and spend it on my house and a few home renovations - the majority of it goes to bills, car maintenance, and big purchases that I need but am unable to get during the year. Anyways...

Let's talk about make up. I wear it maybe once a week and buy it maybe twice a year, but this past weekend I decided to go to Sephora and slurge on myself a little. When I walked in, I told the lady that I never wear make up, I have never bought foundation, and I'm not even sure what the heck concealer is supposed to conceal. I wish y'all could have seen the look of pity on her face. But this woman worked some miracles on my and by the time she was done, you couldn't even tell I am a single mom and get maybe 4 hours of sleep a night... and of course I was sold on every product she used.

She started out with a light moisturizer and a make up primer (didn't know such a thing existed)

 This stuff was smooth and cool on my face and made it feel pretty good.

She then brought out the dreaded foundations. Y'all have to understand that my sister caked on her make up every morning, like woke up at 4:00 am to start her beauty regime and my worst fear with foundation is someone being able to write their name in my face.

I was really surprised and please with this goop. A little went a long way and it felt very light and covered just enough, but not too much.

Then she concealed those lovely dark circles.

Too bad it didn't just erase them. She told me to start using night time eye cream.. Yeah because the last thing I want to do at 1:00 am, when I finally lay down, is have to get back up and put on some stupid eye cream.

I have a natural blush, so thankfully we got to skip that $20.

And of course, you have to have a setting powder!

This messy stuff really did pull the whole look together. Only be careful, cause this crap also makes your face ghost white when taking a picture with a flash.

Then she looked at my lips. That stay nice and dried out between November - May, no matter how much chapstick I slather on.

She went with a plummy lip color and this lovely lip gloss. I loved how it looks, but honestly, I hate lipstick. You have to carefully apply it, only for it to rub off and get on clothes and blah blah blah. I don't see myself wearing this much.

This is all the stuff I got this weekend, but there is another piece in my make-up bag that I'm obsessed with and want to share, but I'm sure most of you have heard it..

I absolutely LOVE the NAKED palette from Urban Decay, it's pricey, but worth every penny. All of these colors work flawlessly with my brown eyes and it's such a breeze to sweep it on and rush to Court.

Friday, February 28, 2014

She never shuts up.


This little spit fire is almost never still from the time she wakes up til the time she sleeps and even in her sleep, she is talking. About the weather, about Rylee, about Doc McStuffins, about God, about whatever. 

She is 39 months old, completely potty trained, completely smart mouthed, and completely weird. She loves Millie, baked beans, and anything sparkly. 

She gets on my nerves, but I wish I could keep her this small forever, and I love her to the moon and back.

Living Poor (well, maybe a little above the poverty level)

90% of my thoughts are consumed with money. How much do I have in my accounts, how much vacation money do I have, which checks have cleared, IS MRS. MAE EVER GOING TO DEPOSIT MACY'S DAYCARE PAYMENTS?! I suck with money. I'm an impulse buyer and Macy thinks Walmart is our second home. I have a college degree in politics, but I work for peanuts and pennies because the hours are great, my insurance is paid, and my schedule is super flexible. (At least that's what I tell myself when a particularly bad case is flung my way or I'm eating Ramen and whatever else I find in the depths of my pantry). Before Macy, my salary was more than enough to get me through.. Rent was cheap or free, my Jeep was paid, and wine was the extent of my grocery bill. Now that I'm a grown-up, or at least pretend to be one, I have things like mortgages, car notes (because I totaled the paid for one), insurance, DAYCARE, and Walmart to pay. I honestly don't know how I make ends meet, my only explanation is God is there for me. Some how, my lights stay on, my house hasn't been foreclosed on, and Macy always has something to eat. But over the years I have learned some tips and tricks that do help. 

In the food department, it's just Macy and me.  I half or quarter recipes to suit our needs. Most recipes I find are for 4-8 servings... Macy and I are lucky to eat 2, and there are just somethings I can't eat for 5 days straight. Buying in bulk helps. Cheese is SO much cheaper at SAMs, and so are Macy's snacks. I look for meat that's close to expiration - it's usually cheaper, so I'll buy a much as I can (usually 5-7 lbs), and then I take it home and freeze it in 1/2 lb portions. I also had to learn to buy other things in bulk, such as sugar and flour. Once you acquire an actual stock in the pantry, it gets easier and cheaper to maintain... Although I did find 9 bags of coconut flakes in the freezer?!

Clothing. Macy is three. Walmart and Hammedowns are generally more than enough to suit her needs.  Also, Carter's and Children's place will sometimes offer 50% off coupons and codes, you'll get bombarded with emails, but it pays off when you get a whole seasons's worth of clothes for $60 and free shipping. I also participate in Duck Duck Goose - as a consignor and buyer. I also use Zulily for her fancier stuff. Takes forever to come in,  but it's cheap and cute.  Clothing for me.. Well I haven't grown in years, so I can kinda justify spending a little more on me.  I am a sucker for Riffraff and Red Dress, as well as other local boutiques, sometimes I'll splurge, but most of the time I just drool... I do allow myself to get one piece of boutique clothing a paycheck, if my budget allows. It doesn't seem like much, but it adds up.

Entertainment. Saving in this category is relatively new to me. I currently have: Directv and Verizon Wireless with a Mifi/Hotspot. I am spending approx. $300 for Doc McStuffins and 10gb of data. I called and Directv is getting shut off after this billing cycle (HELLO NETFLIX?!), I am getting wireless internet for $45/mo. and I am cutting out my Mifi and dropping my data package on the iPhone... Now I will be spending $120/mo. Leaving some more wiggle room in the Budget for Macy and Me to get out and visit Museums and go to movies... and Shopping. Date night - what the hell is that? I think I've been to a bar maybe oh twice in my life. I'm not a big drinker - maybe a bottle of wine twice a month. So that helps.

Saving. You mean that account I'm supposed to have for emergencies and whoopsies? Um, get back to me on this one when I start making above minimum wage. For now, my whoopsie is my Discover Card, which they were nice enough to give me an unGodly high limit. Since I'm a government employee, I do have a retirement account and I'm a little smart in that I contribute the max amount. But I'm really counting on being nice to Macy so maybe she'll put me up in a nice home. -- but for real, I do have a savings account and even if all I can afford to put in there is $5, I do.

Others. My house stays at 68 degrees in winter to make up for the constant air flow to maintain 68 in the summer. Macy and I don't use much water. At all. I buy the cheap laundry gunk (works just as well as Tide). I am fortunate in that I only have to wash my hair 2-3 times a week with $5 shampoo/conditioner (I promise I bathe every day) and I only get it cut and colored like once a year. I don't wear much make-up. I probably spend a $10 a year for mascara and eyeliner... I vaguely know what foundation is, but I have never bought any.

Well there ya have it. The musings of a single mom who lived paycheck to paycheck. =)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Let it go

Perk of being a single mom: I spend most of my free time with Macy and only Macy. It's a little scary how in tune I am with her. But I wouldn't have it any other way. My absolute favorite part of the day is snuggling up with her and having her roll over and asking to have her back scratched and for me to sing Amazing Grace to her.  Some of my friends think I'm nuts for being glued to my child, and maybe I am, but in my line of work, I see so much that most mothers don't.. I am CONSTANTLY worrying about bad things happening to her, it takes a LOT of self restraint for me not to call Mrs. Mae several times a day to check on her.

In other news, we sing Let It Go about 19385829193858472818274829191 times a day. And watch Disney. This winter has been hell, well a colder version. It's been miserably cold and we've had a bad case of cabin fever. And sinus infections. Only within the last week has the weather been nicer. It's been so nice to get outside and soak up the sun.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

DDG, Sniffles, and Court.

Jordan and I worked a tails off trying to sort, organize, hang, label, price, ect., our clothes for Duck Duck Goose... And we didn't put a dent in it. I'm hoping this mess sells so Santa can hook The Mess up with a pretty sweet bike for Christmas. 

And I knew we couldn't make it a whole month without a sick day. I picked up Mess and she was sniffling and coughing, and oh how I would love to stay home with this child tomorrow, but I have four dockets worth of Court. Now, I can't talk much about my job because of confidentiality rules, but I LOATHE Court days. Too much stress and too much hurry up and wait. So instead of snuggling my snot ridden baby, I will ship her to a set of grandparents so I can go listen to why people can't pay their fines, but can't pass a drug test. 

Speaking of a snot ridden baby, she has whined more in the last thirty minutes than she ever did as a newborn, and her poor brain is having such a hard time putting her thoughts and sleepiness into two year old words so she's just crying these pitiful cough filled cries and won't let me do anything for her. 

But I hope the rest of you are having a spectacular week.