Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I can count the number of days I didn't take a picture of Macy on my hands. I have THOUSANDS of pictures of her - but 90% of them have been taken with my iPhone. A few weeks ago, I entered a contest on Facebook. Like and share the page and get a free mini-session with five edited pictures on a disk.. I've never won a free coke, let alone something this awesome. We had our shoot Sunday and I am in love!! Carrie Nichols did a fabulous job and I can't wait to book a fall session with her!! She suggested HSU, which was cool since that's where I got my degree, and then I suggested the Courthouse since that's where I've worked all of my adult life. Macy was being a brat that day, but Carrie still managed to get some ah-mazing shots.

This one is probably my favorite

LOVE - I will probably have this one printed on a canvas and hang it in the living room. I also have some old window panes that's I've been looking to use, so I might put this one in there.

She was not cooperating at Henderson and clung to me like glue, this is the best we got.

She was still pretty clingy and kept saying that she was cold, but this is also one of my favs.

I love her kisses! I don't get them very much.

I really think the ones from the Courthouse are special. 

Annnnnd of course, the classic Macy face. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Let me preface this by saying this post is a complete contradiction of my last frugal post, but I do like to take a wee bit of my tax return and spend it on my house and a few home renovations - the majority of it goes to bills, car maintenance, and big purchases that I need but am unable to get during the year. Anyways...

Let's talk about make up. I wear it maybe once a week and buy it maybe twice a year, but this past weekend I decided to go to Sephora and slurge on myself a little. When I walked in, I told the lady that I never wear make up, I have never bought foundation, and I'm not even sure what the heck concealer is supposed to conceal. I wish y'all could have seen the look of pity on her face. But this woman worked some miracles on my and by the time she was done, you couldn't even tell I am a single mom and get maybe 4 hours of sleep a night... and of course I was sold on every product she used.

She started out with a light moisturizer and a make up primer (didn't know such a thing existed)

 This stuff was smooth and cool on my face and made it feel pretty good.

She then brought out the dreaded foundations. Y'all have to understand that my sister caked on her make up every morning, like woke up at 4:00 am to start her beauty regime and my worst fear with foundation is someone being able to write their name in my face.

I was really surprised and please with this goop. A little went a long way and it felt very light and covered just enough, but not too much.

Then she concealed those lovely dark circles.

Too bad it didn't just erase them. She told me to start using night time eye cream.. Yeah because the last thing I want to do at 1:00 am, when I finally lay down, is have to get back up and put on some stupid eye cream.

I have a natural blush, so thankfully we got to skip that $20.

And of course, you have to have a setting powder!

This messy stuff really did pull the whole look together. Only be careful, cause this crap also makes your face ghost white when taking a picture with a flash.

Then she looked at my lips. That stay nice and dried out between November - May, no matter how much chapstick I slather on.

She went with a plummy lip color and this lovely lip gloss. I loved how it looks, but honestly, I hate lipstick. You have to carefully apply it, only for it to rub off and get on clothes and blah blah blah. I don't see myself wearing this much.

This is all the stuff I got this weekend, but there is another piece in my make-up bag that I'm obsessed with and want to share, but I'm sure most of you have heard it..

I absolutely LOVE the NAKED palette from Urban Decay, it's pricey, but worth every penny. All of these colors work flawlessly with my brown eyes and it's such a breeze to sweep it on and rush to Court.