Thursday, August 22, 2013

What have I been doing?

As I mentioned yesterday in my hormone induced state of psychosis, I took a social media hiatus (minus Instagram). I deactivated Facebook, Twitter, the Blog, I wanted to throw my phone away, too, but my job requires it to be glued to my hand - I'm not kidding.

So I was able to put the iPhone down when I got home and spend some precious time with The Mess (who by the way is 33 months old as of yesterday). I always spend time with my kid, but some mothers are notorious for having their children growing up to the back of a phone - and I don't want to be that way. Anyways, we played outside, we watched Rapunzel, we spent time at the lake, we watched Rapunzel, we colored and got crafty, and we watched Rapunzel... You get the idea. It's nice to get away from the world of social media and all of the drama that comes with it.

And then I needed Candy Crush lives.

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